Stunning Kitchen Rug Ideas for Your Floor

Kitchen Rugs

Does your kitchen lack that spark? Do you want to spruce it up a little or add a bit of vibrancy? Kitchen rugs or kitchen mats are an excellent way to provide your kitchen with both.

There are many things to consider when looking to spruce up your kitchen, and it all depends on you’re the design of your kitchen and your personal style.

Take the theme of your kitchen into consideration. You want to purchase kitchen rugs and mats that of course go with your kitchen decor. A design that is going to accent everything about your kitchen.

There are so many kitchen rugs and mats to choose from that can give you exactly what you are looking for.

Best Kitchen rugs Consumer report 2021

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1. Kangaroo Original Standing Mat Kitchen Rug

Kangaroo Original Standing Mat Kitchen Rug, Anti Fatigue Comfort Flooring, Phthalate Free, Commercial Grade Pads, Ergonomic Floor Pad for Office Stand Up Desk, 32x20, Black

2. Anti Fatigue Kitchen Rug Mats are Made of 100% Polypropylene Half Round Rug Cushion

32X20 Inch Anti Fatigue Kitchen Rug Mats are Made of 100% Polypropylene Half Round Rug Cushion Specialized in Anti Slippery and Machine Washable (32x20in Beige 1pc)

3. Carvapet 2 Piece Non-Slip Kitchen Rug TPR Anti-Slip Backing Mat for Doorway Bathroom Runner Rug Set, Geometric Design (17″x48″+17″x24″)

Carvapet 2 Piece Non-Slip Kitchen Rug TPR Non-Skid Backing Mat for Doorway Bathroom Runner Rug Set, Geometric Design (17

4. KMAT Kitchen Mat Cushioned Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat Waterproof Non-Slip Standing Mat Ergonomic Comfort Floor Mat Rug for Home

KMAT Kitchen Mat Cushioned Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat Waterproof Non-Slip Standing Mat Ergonomic Comfort Floor Mat Rug for Home,Office,Sink,Laundry,Desk 20

5. Carvapet 2 Piece Non-Slip Kitchen Mat Rubber Backing Doormat Runner Rug Set, Coffee Design (Brown 15″x47″+15″x23″)

Carvapet 2 Piece Non-Slip Kitchen Mat Rubber Backing Doormat Runner Rug Set, Coffee Design (Brown 15

6. Carvapet 2 Pieces Microfiber Moroccan Trellis Non-Slip Soft Kitchen Mat Bath Rug Doormat Runner Carpet Set, 17″x48″+17″x24″, Black

Carvapet 2 Pieces Microfiber Moroccan Trellis Non-Slip Soft Kitchen Mat Bath Rug Doormat Runner Carpet Set, 17

7. 28X18 Inch Washable Kitchen Rug Mats are Made of Polypropylene Square Rug Cushion

28X18 Inch Anti Fatigue Washable Kitchen Rug Mats are Made of Polypropylene Square Rug Cushion Which is Anti Slippery and Stain Resistance,Brown

8. Carvapet 3 Piece Non-Slip Kitchen Mat Rubber Backing Doormat Runner Rug Set, Coffee Design (Brown 15″x47″+15″x23″)

Carvapet 3 Piece Non-Slip Kitchen Mat Rubber Backing Doormat Runner Rug Set, Coffee Design (Brown 15

9. Maples Rugs Kitchen Rug Set

Maples Rugs Kitchen Rug Set - Rebecca [3pc Set] Non Kid Accent Throw Rugs Runner [Made in USA] for Entryway and Bedroom, Navy Blue/White

10. EUCH Non-Slip Rubber Backing Carpet Kitchen Mat Doormat Runner Bathroom Rug 2 Piece Sets,15″x47″+15″x23″ (Three Chef)

EUCH Non-Slip Rubber Backing Carpet Kitchen Mat Doormat Runner Bathroom Rug 2 Piece Sets,15

11. Cook N Comfort Marbled Anti-Fatigue Mat

Cook N Comfort Marbled Anti-Fatigue Mat

12. Grannis Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat

Grannis Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat

13. Duwayne Anti-Fatigue Mat

Duwayne Anti-Fatigue Mat

14. Gaylon Anti-Fatigue Mat

Gaylon Anti-Fatigue Mat

15. Corrine 3 Piece Fruit Crate Kitchen Mat Set

Corrine 3 Piece Fruit Crate Kitchen Mat Set

Kitchen Rugs Shapes

Kitchen rugs and mats are available in round, oval, rectangular, and square-shaped. Kitchen rugs and mats are a great way to showcase your own creativity and individuality even if you have one of those food rugs.

Plus, you can do both at an affordable price. You will be amazed at just how affordable kitchen rugs and mats are.

Not only are the shapes, styles, and colors should be considered when purchasing kitchen rugs and mats, but there are also other areas to consider as well. Think of durability. How will kitchen rugs and mats hold up in your kitchen? It all depends on how much time you spend in the kitchen.

If you are a parent, then you obviously spend a great deal of time in the kitchen and need kitchen rugs and mats that are going to be able to withstand heavy traffic. Children are constantly running in and out of the kitchen, as are our parents.

Therefore, not only do you want the right kitchen rugs or kitchen mats to fit your personal style, but you also want to choose the right ones to last.

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Kitchen Rugs and Mats – Shopping Tips

When shopping for your kitchen rugs and mats, be sure the edges are strong and sturdy. Many kitchen rugs and mats have a tendency to come apart at the seams, and can’t hold up to heavy traffic.

By the way, if you are searching online for the rugs, don’t forget to look under kitchen carpets as well – you might just discover the best rugs there.

Since we are talking about parents and children, you also want to consider the safety of your kitchen rugs and mats. Not only does the theme and quality play a huge role in picking out the right kitchen rugs and mats that work for you, but so does the slip factor.

Be sure to look at the back of the kitchen rugs and mats, to make sure, they will stay in place, while enduring heavy traffic. You want your children, or yourself, for that matter, to slip and hurt themselves, because your kitchen rugs and mats aren’t suctioned to the floor.

You may also want to shop around for kitchen rugs and mats that you can wash at home yourself. Investing in kitchen rugs and mats that meet all of the standards doesn’t have to be expensive, and they are well worth the price.

Not only will kitchen rugs and mats give your house elegance, but you can rest assured knowing it didn’t cost you a fortune to obtain.

The Best Thing About Round Kitchen Rugs

Circular rugs are very eloquent and stunning. They will have all of your friends and loved ones envying you for years to come and the convenience of them is outstanding.

Not only can round kitchen rugs provide your kitchen with class, but they also make it easier on you knowing they are affordable and washable. I cannot say enough about round kitchen rugs.

A few years back, I needed a change. My kitchen was coming across as dull and boring. However, when I purchased my round kitchen rugs, those days are now a thing of the past. I have children and as a parent.

I can tell you, not only have the round kitchen rugs I purchased gave my kitchen that wow factor, but it has also made the cleaning process so much easier and affordable.

Now when I have visitors, they comment on my kitchen. Earlier it was just a kitchen before but now it is the kitchen everybody wishes they had in the same way.

I gave my kitchen that modern style while having money left in my pocket. However, don’t take my word for it. Shop around and do your own research. I am confident you will be as amazed as I was at what all-around kitchen rugs have to offer.

Kitchen Rugs

A good kitchen should not only be kept clean and orderly but it should also have some ambiance.

Using kitchen rugs is a nice way of adding a touch of décor. This is because the rugs come in a wide range of colors and designs to go with the look of a specific room.

You only need to choose the one that blends well with your kitchen and your tastes.

Getting the best out of your kitchen rugs

From kitchen mats to runners and whole area rugs, one has the options that are best suited not only for aesthetics but also for safety. For example, runners or entrance mats will help prevent accidental slips and falls as one enters the kitchen.

On top of that, they give an appealing welcome when one is entering the kitchen. On the other hand, kitchen mats will also add to the aspect of safety.

This is because they are made with rubber tiles that interlock for safety purposes to those using the kitchen. Area kitchen rugs are also good for covering most of the open space in the kitchen. This is good not only for you but also for the kitchen floor.

They help keep the floor free from any smudges that may be caused by spillage. They also protect the floor from marks that may be caused by falling objects.

Since the kitchen rugs are also intended to protect the kitchen from the effects of heavy daily movement, it is important to consider what type of rug to put in specific areas. Stronger mats are required for areas that are frequented most.

Material Used

The material should be durable and the color should be the type that does not fade out quickly. Making such a calculated choice will save you money as the rugs will last longer. The initial cost will most probably be more than buying other lighter rugs but it will be worth the investment.

The best kitchen rugs are those which are made of strong material and are washable. They normally have good wear and tear resistance. Whether big or small, these types can easily be folded and put into the washing machine.

Those which may prove to be too heavy for the washing machine can be hand washed with startling results. This may take time but it could be a better option than taking them to expensive cleaning services. But this will again depend on your budget.

Washable rugs are normally able to withstand rough kitchen activity. At the same time, they are made in a way that they do not fray and resist the unraveling of the weave.

There are many available styles from which you can choose your kitchen rugs. These styles are usually named according to their origins. That is why you will always hear of Oriental rugs and Persian rugs among others. Other styles are dependent on the use such as shag rugs, hall runners, and indoor rugs among others.

With so many things to consider while buying rugs, it is important to get as much information as possible before buying one. This will enable you to make an informed decision. But among the most important aspects to consider should be safety, quality, and style.

What and Where To Look for The Best Kitchen Rug

Kitchen Rugs Material

Materials and shades because kitchen rugs provide so much style and comfort, choosing the most important features for a specific situation ensures years of enjoyment.

Ranging from commercial quality nitrile to hand-hooked cotton or anti-fatigue gel mats, the vast array of types and styles makes it a little challenging to decide on the most suitable kitchen rug options.

Although non-slip backing and easy cleaning are essential for many applications, other choices depend more on the look desired than on the actual construction of the rug itself.

Many popular kitchen rugs and mats offer anti-fatigue foam, resilient rubber, or gel-filled cores to cushion feet and relieve stress on knees and backs. Some non-toxic models feature plant-based foam and even boast of being 100% recyclable.

Simple, classic rugs hooked, woven, or braided from cotton or a fiber blend add a homey touch with easy machine wash-ability, while a large selection of modern polypropylene mats with microfiber, brushed, tile top, Berber or woven-polyester surfaces add plenty of styles.

Washable shag and knotted silk or wool rugs work well in less-trafficked kitchen areas, and jute or bamboo mats provide a tropical touch.

non-slip bottom surface for safety

Kitchen rugs generally feature a non-slip bottom surface for safety, but the addition of a gripping liner under an otherwise ideal rug works well. Washable kitchen rugs hold an obvious advantage, although larger mats may require the use of a commercial machine.

Some kitchen rugs are stain-proof or wipe clean easily with soap and water. Indoor-outdoor types may just need to be taken out and hosed off.

Anti-microbial and mold resistance are excellent features for kitchen rugs that may not be easily washed, and beveled edges to prevent falls and keep the mat straight greatly increase its usable life.

If heat, flame, or chemical resistance are a priority, some kitchen rugs offer that security. As some foam or gel kitchen mats require special care to avoid puncturing, that may be a consideration in choosing a durable rug.

Another feature to weigh is the length of the resilience warranty for cushioned rugs. Although kitchen rugs come in many sizes and shapes, it is fairly easy to decide that part after selecting the type and materials.

Popular kitchen rug sizes generally run around 2 feet by 3 or 4 feet, but larger rugs are commonly available. Kitchen ‘slices’ are half circles designed to fit with the flat side against the wall or counter, but rectangles, ovals, and circles are also common.

Corner runners extend perpendicularly in two directions, while island runners offer longer, narrower coverage. Of course, novelty shapes such as footballs, flowers, or even foods round out the assortment.

Designs of kitchen rugs

Designs of kitchen rugs may coordinate with lines of other kitchen linens, or range from classic to modern, including many seasonal creations. Roosters in a dizzying variety compete with fruits and florals.

Geometrics, abstracts, inspirational sayings, folk art, and sports themes abound. Coffee cups, chili peppers, pomegranates, and kitchen utensils are popular prints, but solids in a rainbow of colors round out the choices, often with contrasting borders.

Shoppers often look for food rugs and in fact, kitchen rugs with all sorts of fruits and vegetables, etc. printed on them are also in demand.

When shopping for kitchen rugs, consider which features are the most important in addition to the size, design, and colors to suit a particular kitchen. Because materials and options abound, choosing durable and easy to clean kitchen rugs ensures many years of enjoyment.

Different Types of Kitchen Rugs

Washable kitchen rugs seem to top the list of kitchen rugs when it comes to usability and convenience.

The other factor that contributes to its demand is, of course, the price. Easy availability and inexpensive pricing make washable kitchen rugs everybody’s favorite. The good news is these washable rugs are also available in a wide range of varieties.

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Why use Area Rugs

Using rugs in your house is a good option for covering the floor, which is damaged and worn. However, this type of rug is not just for hiding imperfections or decorations. It aids in preventing everyone from slipping or sliding on the kitchen’s floor when wet and it can also provide extra comfort especially when you have been standing for long hours on your counter preparing or cooking food for your family.

The rugs are commonly placed on the door, at the front of the refrigerator, oven, and sink.

That is why in choosing a specific type of rug for your home you should take into consideration some factors like stain resistance, flexibility, quality, and durability. But you must not take this in a way that you are already limiting your options of rugs for your kitchen. This must be considered and addressed in a manner like the other rooms where may soon see.

In some areas in your home, all would want to have a rug, which can pull the characteristic of your entire kitchen. When all types of designs of several items are secured inside places, which are inviting, everyone in your family can totally enjoy preparing foods or cooking in your own kitchen more.

To aid in achieving this goal, everybody in your home must decide what type of rugs they prefer to have if they like luxury or soft types of kitchen rugs where everyone can comfortably sink their feet while preparing and thinking on what recipe to cook next.

Apply other decorations

We all apply different decorative accents in our kitchens and homes particularly the runner rugs, which will aid in marking the barriers of space in our kitchen wherein anyone can have the liberty to comfortably enjoy while patiently waiting for the cooking period to be over.

These kitchen rugs used should not be necessarily plain while performing some useful tasks. They should also highlight and enhance the kitchen appearance even during winter, dreary, cold days. The secret is selecting the best rug is by knowing what you want out of it.

Other considerations

Although nowadays having a kitchen with a wooden floor is uncommon, it may also help to have a kitchen rug that will never slip when you step on. A good way of attaining this is by placing rugs pads beneath kitchen rugs. This must be considered seriously to effectively and safely protect anyone from getting injured, causing kitchen rugs to fly across the kitchen room.

Considering this safety precaution, you must also sort out what type of kitchen rug would be suitable for you. Most contemporary, period, modern, and braided kitchen rug styles can be bought and chosen and created from a vast array of exotic materials available.

For instance, only a few individuals prefer having rugs in their kitchen, which are naturally fibred. There are numerous kitchen rug types, which are natural-fibred that can be bought in any online or retail shop. Some of these are bamboo, sisal or seagrass, and hemp to name a few, which you can choose from and use in your house.

The cost of each kitchen rug depends on the rug’s size and quality that you will need for your home. However, you can choose and find the rug you like from the numerous kitchen rugs available at different prices and should have the skill in making your kitchen an exciting place to socialize and cook foods.

Kitchen Rugs Buying Tips

Selecting the best kitchen rug might be quite a challenge because of the numerous colors and shapes that one will be choosing from.

It will be helpful if you will first bring a color sample of your kitchen before you shop to enable you to select the type of rug that complements your kitchen.

You should also make sure to purchase a rug pad, which will efficiently prevent your rug from sliding and help your kitchen rug last for a longer period of time.

The perfect way to make sure that dirt coming from sidewalks will remain outside of your kitchen during the times you are very busy preparing your food is by having a good kitchen rug. Here are the important advantages that you will achieve when you buy rugs for your kitchen area.


Because the slice area of your kitchen is accessible in numerous materials you no longer need to worry about doing dry cleaning each month.

Just choose rug materials that do not easily accumulate dust and can safely be washed in your house. This wise tip will help you save a lot.


The numerous styles available in the market that you can choose from will make you feel amazed. Ranging from simple conventional designs to rooster designs, they are very attractive that you might even end up buying more than you planned.

These are only some of the reasons why buying a kitchen rug for the slice area of your kitchen is a wise decision. If you thinking about the amount you will spend on a kitchen rug and believe that your home’s kitchen area will do just fine without it.

You should try searching for shops online where you can get great deals and save a lot. You will easily find numerous rug suppliers on the internet who can offer you a flexible range of nice-looking and very affordable rugs, which will beautify your kitchen area.

You must not let your partner convince you not to invest in it if you have been thinking of purchasing a kitchen rug, which will transform your kitchen area into a great place to consume much of your time.

You should continue with your plan and search for styles or designs that will motivate your artistic side.

Round Kitchen Rugs Are Are Simply Good For Any Kitchen

Washable kitchen rugs are an inexpensive way to really add style and color to your kitchen. Let’s face it, most of the time we spend in the kitchen, especially for those of us with children.

One of our many jobs as a parent involved preparing meals or snacks, and children are very messy, basically an accident waiting to happen. Therefore, we need kitchen rugs or kitchen mats that can be cleaned often.

Nonetheless, whether you have children or not, purchasing washable kitchen rugs just makes good sense. Even as adults, we also have accidents. In addition to this, the kitchen is one of the heaviest traveled areas in our home.

Hence, obtaining washable kitchen rugs, allows us to always have the clean factor. Why pay an expensive price for cleaning, when buying a washable kitchen rug is so affordable?

Washable Kitchen Rugs are Super Convenient

Washable kitchen rugs come in all shapes, sizes, styles, and colors, and you will be amazed at how much time and not to mention money, they can save you.

You won’t have to worry about paying that expensive cleaning bill any longer, so you are free to make as many mistakes as you wish when having washable kitchen rugs.

How can I benefit from a washable kitchen rug?

There are so many ways you can benefit from having washable kitchen rugs. In today’s society, everyone needs to save all the money they can, not to mention the time you can save also when purchasing washable kitchen rugs.

There is just no way to go wrong. Not only will washable kitchen rugs give the kitchen that vibrancy it deserves, but you can give yourself a pat on the back knowing you didn’t spend a fortune to get it that way.

You can find washable kitchen rugs and mats almost anywhere. They are available at any department store, home decorating store, and even online. The possibilities available with washable kitchen rugs are endless.

Do yourself a favor, and save money at the same time, by purchasing washable kitchen rugs. It is an affordable solution to anyone’s home, and can really liven up the place, without breaking your bank account.

Put an end to all of the cleaning bill headaches and take advantage of everything washable kitchen rugs have to offer. I know you won’t regret doing so. Your only regret will be not doing it sooner. It’s time for you to go shopping for your very own washable kitchen rugs.

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