The 10 Best Drop Leaf Dining Tables (2021 Reviews)

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Best Drop Leaf Dining Table Reviews

1. Winsome Suzanne Kitchen, Square, Teak

Winsome Suzanne Kitchen, Square, Teak

2. Nathan James 41001 Kalos Solid Wood Drop Leaf Folding Kitchen Dining or Rustic Console Table

Nathan James 41001 Kalos Solid Wood Drop Leaf Folding Kitchen Dining or Rustic Console Table, Dark Brown/Black

3. Zinus Angela Provence Drop Leaf Wood Dining Table / Turned Legs / Light-Grey and Natural

Zinus Angela Provence Drop Leaf Wood Dining Table / Turned Legs / Light-Grey and Natural

4. Coaster Home Furnishings 3-piece Dining Set with Drop Leaf Cappuccino and Tan

Coaster Home Furnishings 3-piece Dining Set with Drop Leaf Cappuccino and Tan

5. Round Table with 29″ Drop Leaves in Saddle Brown

Round Table with 29


6. Target Marketing Systems 3 Piece Tiffany Country Cottage Dining Set with 2 Chairs and a Drop Leaf Table

Target Marketing Systems 3 Piece Tiffany Country Cottage Dining Set with 2 Chairs and a Drop Leaf Table, White/Natural

7. Winsome Taylor Dining, Walnut

Winsome Taylor Dining, Walnut

8. Signature Design by Ashley – Hammis Dining Room Table – Drop Leaf Table – Dark Brown

Signature Design by Ashley - Hammis Dining Room Table - Drop Leaf Table - Dark Brown

9. Winsome Wood Alamo, Double Drop Leaf, Round Table Mission, Walnut, 42-Inch

Winsome Wood Alamo, , Double Drop Leaf, Round Table Mission, Walnut, 42-Inch

10. International Concepts Small Drop-leaf Table, Unfinished

International Concepts Small Drop-leaf Table, Unfinished

What is a drop-leaf Table

Simply put, a drop leaf table is divided into three sections. The sections at either end are hinged to allow them to be “dropped” down.

When the table has both ends dropped, it becomes very narrow, and places easily against a wall. In this configuration, it’s the perfect “table for two”.

A drop-leaf table may be the one furniture piece that no small space should be without.

And, even if you’re lucky enough to have all the space you need in your home, a drop leaf table can be a great way to ensure you have plenty of seating available when guests come, without taking up a lot of space when you don’t need it.

However, with a quick change, the table can be pulled out into the center of the room and become a full-sized dining table, simply by lifting up and securing the ends. It is this flexibility that makes the table perfect for small spaces.

Drop leaf tables come in many different sizes and styles.

They’ve been around for many years, so they are easy to find as antiques, as well as newly crafted tables.

Regardless of the style of your home, there is a drop-leaf table that will complement your décor. They are usually oval, rectangular, or round in shape.

Traditional Round Drop Leaf Dining Table: Secrets for an Elegant Room

The formal dining room in your home is the room where you pull out all the stops. Even if your home has a fairly laid-back style in other rooms, your formal dining room should set the stage for special family gatherings and elegant dinner parties.

Creating a dining room that is both luxurious and functional requires some thought and some attention to detail. It’s important to create a layout that fits your space in a way that is both beautiful and functional.

Elegant details can take even the smallest and inexpensive dining rooms to another level.

Plan Your Seating

Of course, seating is one of the most important features of any dining room. If your dining room is small, consider a round drop leaf dining table. This particular style of table is perfect for several reasons.

  • Round drop leaf dining tables offer traditional elegance. The most memorable formal tables are round. The shape reminds us of homey family gatherings, yet can be formal enough for even the most elegant dinner party.
  • Round drop leaf tables offer functionality. A round drop leaf table will fit in even the smallest of formal dining spaces when the leaves are down. But, when you raise the leaves, you can quickly accommodate a large dinner party. Consider the number of guests you’ll seat at maximum, as well as the size of your dining room when considering the size of your round drop leaf dining table.

Consider Style

Round drop leaf dining tables are available in a wide variety of styles that all suit an elegant and formal affair. From French provincial to Americana, you’ll find many traditional styles available in round drop leaf dining tables.

To choose the one that is right for you, consider the other design elements in your home, including surrounding rooms, and details like your dining room chandelier.

Consider the Details

In many cases, the details are what make a room special. In addition to the room’s drop leaf dining table, consider other elements that will make it easy to serve formal meals and those that will make your guests feel special.

Many hostesses love having a sideboard or buffet in their formal dining rooms. A sideboard or buffet allows you to easily serve a meal in a buffet style or just put out drinks or desserts for your guests.

China cabinets are also very popular informal dining rooms. With a china cabinet, you can display, as well as easily retrieve your most elegant dinnerware and serving pieces.

If you like a very seamless look consider buying your round drop leaf dining table in a package that includes some of the other pieces, such as a sideboard or china cabinet.

Matching pieces create a very “put together” look for your room. Most furniture stores will allow you to mix and match the pieces that you most desire and those that work well in the size and shape of your room.

Create a Look that is All Your Own

While dining room sets are great for creating a seamless look, it is important to avoid the “matchy-matchy” look if you want to create your own signature style. Consider mixing at least one piece into the room that is not part of a dining room “set” in order to ensure a look that reflects your own personal style.

If you do choose furniture that matches, be sure to add in an element of surprise here and there to ensure that your dining room matches your personality. Interesting art or even a funky chandelier over the table can help put your signature on the room.

A great round drop leaf dining table is the perfect centerpiece for a traditional and elegant formal dining room. But, the other pieces that make the room truly unique are just as important to the overall design.

Styles of Drop Leaf Kitchen Tables

One of the best ways to maximize space in your kitchen is to choose a drop leaf kitchen table.

This type of table is perfect for any size kitchen because it can be nearly any size you need it to be. It’s the ultimate in space-saving design with the potential to seat large parties when needed.

Drop leaf kitchen tables have hinged tops that fold down. Some drop leaf tables have two leaves that drop down, while others have just one hinge. Either type allows you to put the table up against the wall when a leaf is folded down. Check out these folding dining tables.

This makes keeping the table out of the way particularly easy. But, unfold a drop leaf table, and you have seating for a big group.

Drop Leaf Kitchen Table Styles

There are several primary styles of drop leaf kitchen tables. The first is the gate leg table, a style that dates back to the 1600′s in America, though it was developed in England. Gateleg tables are built with four stationary legs connected by stretchers.

Two additional legs are connected to these stretchers. These legs swing out, like a gate, to support the leaves when the leaves are being used. This design is still popular today because it is one of the sturdiest drop leaf table designs.

The butterfly drop leaf table style began in the US in the 1700′s. These tables are typically smaller than gate leg tables. The leaves are supported by wing-shaped supports that fan out from the base. These tables are not typically designed to support as much weight as a gate leg table.

The Pembroke table was developed in the 1800′s. This type of drop leaf kitchen table had four stationary legs but also had leaf supports hinged to the rails supporting the legs. This style of table is also quite sturdy. During the late 1800′s, the Pembroke table was very popular as a kitchen table or a game table.

Butterfly-style tables, for example, are not really suited to everyday dining. They can, however, make great accent tables, and be used for occasional dining.

Having one of these tables in your formal living room or dining room as a decorative item makes a beautiful design statement as well as giving additional seating options for Thanksgiving dinner.

Modern Choices

Most modern drop leaf tables have the same basic design principles of the types mentioned above. Gateleg and Pembroke tables are the most popular style suited for everyday use, but there are many butterfly-style tables available too.

Today’s more modern drop leaf tables even include styles that mount directly on the wall, much like the drop-down tray table you would find on an airplane. These offer the utmost in a space-saving design for those who live in apartments or other small homes.

Outfitting a dining room or breakfast room can be difficult. It’s especially difficult when the space is small and the possibilities for configuring a kitchen table are limited.

The drop leaf kitchen table is a great choice for many homeowners and apartment dwellers. With its ability to be both a small and large dining table, the drop leaf kitchen table really offers your kitchen the best of both worlds.

The Many Uses for a Small Drop Leaf Table

You’ll find a few pieces of furniture more versatile than a drop-leaf table. Though many people think only of dining tables when they consider drop leaf tables, there are many different styles and sizes of these tables.

Small drop leaf tables make great additions to your home because they can be used for dining, as well as for accent tables.

A small drop leaf table often is also the perfect accent table for a dining room or living room with the leaves folded down. But, when the leaves are raised, it becomes a very nice dining table for extra guests.

Because it takes up so little space in your home, it can fit nearly anywhere when the leaves are in the down position.

Small Drop Leaf Tables Work Everywhere

Here are some other places you might put one of these great tables in your home.

  • As a nightstand beside your bed. With a small drop leaf table as a nightstand, you can quickly change the table into a work desk when you need the room to spread out a craft.
  • In a guest room, a small drop leaf table can be used for a wide variety of things. They work great as nightstands here, too. In addition, one could be used to offer your guests a place to enjoy a morning cup of coffee. With the leaves folded down, they can also be placed flat against a wall to be used as a place for guests to place their suitcases.
  • In a bathroom. A small drop leaf table can even be placed in a bathroom to hold a vase of flowers or extra toiletries.
  • In the office. A drop-leaf table is a perfect desk, too. With the leaves down, you have a compact place to work using your laptop. But, when you need to spread out a big project, simply raise the leaves for additional workspace.
  • In your kitchen. For a small family, it is the perfect dining option. You can keep the leaves down to save space when you don’t have guests. But, accommodating those last-minute visitors is a snap when you have a drop leaf table in your kitchen. A 3 piece dining table set is great too the kitchen.
  • In a game room. A small drop leaf table can be added to your game room without taking up a lot of floor space. When you’re ready to spread out a board game or have several people play a game of cards, simply lift the leaves for enough space for everyone.

Easy to Find

Whether you choose a vintage dining table or a more modern style, drop leaf tables are easy to find at many different retailers.

Modern furniture stores will carry them in many different styles, sizes, and price ranges. You can also shop antique stores for vintage drop leaf tables that can be a good investment in addition to giving your home additional seating and functionality.

Shopping online is also a great way to get a great deal on a small drop leaf table for any area of your home.

Regardless of the type of table you choose or where you choose to buy it, you’re sure to find that adding one of these tables to your home is a wise decision. There will always be room in your home for this ingenious design.

How Large The Dining Table Should Be

Ideally, the dining table should also offer enough space for the dishes in order to allow everyone to sit and enjoy the meal.

But if your dining room is not large enough for a generous-sized table, it is a better idea to buy a smaller one and compensate a small table with a table tray for instance which can be pushed aside when someone needs to leave/join the table.

Although most people are faced with a lack of space for the desired dining table, some prefer smaller-sized tables that create a more intimate atmosphere and do not dominate the dining room.

They are ideal for smaller dining rooms and kitchens which extend into a dining room because they help save space, however, small dining sets can make a large dining room appear empty and cold.

But since it would be irrational and uneconomical to buy a large table with enough space for eight people for instance if your family consists of three members only and if you do not organize family gatherings and parties on a regular basis, it is better to add the dining room an additional piece of furniture such as a dresser or sideboard which help avoid the appearance of emptiness.

But what if the traditional five-piece dining set does not meet your family’s needs and a large table would make your dining room appear too crowded?

In this case, you should consider a round-shaped dining table that takes less space than a rectangular one or an extendable table that enables you to adjust its size according to your needs.

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